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A picture of a doula, Rabsaris, smiling at the camera with a nature background. She's wearing a blue sweater with orange stripes and hair loose.

about Rabsaris


I was born and raised in Venezuela (spanish is my first language) by my single mom and my grandmother. I have a sister, 5 nieces, a husband and many aunties

I emigrated from Venezuela as a teenager, I've lived in 3 countries and 8 cities. The longest I've lived anywhere (besides Caracas where I'm from) is NYC- I stayed there for 9 years and I consider it my home away from home

my friends and family describe me as a passionate, caring, playful & curious person who makes them laugh and always bakes them delicious food and cookies

if I'm not at a birth, you can probably find me in a cozy corner reading a sci-fi/fantasy book & eating snacks. or maybe camping & hiking with mr. arreaza

my training

a faded yellow circle in the background

cornerstone doula trainings & certifications

birth & postpartum doula

homebirth for doulas

childbirth education 

full spectrum doula

I'd like to add & honor the unstructured training I've received through life experiences & Venezuelan traditional knowledge,  that has been passed down to me by my mother, grandmother & homeland.

I'm fortunate to come from a culture rich in love & deep understanding of everything it takes to support birthing and postpartum folks. this more than anything, has prepared me to be a great doula.

growing up watching my elders usher people in our community into parenthood was a gift for me, and my gift to to you.

my indigenous ancestors were "doulas" before the word or profession existed, my calling is to remember this knowledge,  and pass it on

as a doula, I have experience with:

  • hospital midwives

  • family practice doctors

  • OBGYNs

  • low intervention birth

  • high risk pregnancies

  • gestational diabetes

  • pre-eclampsia

  • single parents

  • twin births

  • surrogacy

  • breech babies

  • premature birth

  • nicu stays

  • VBACs

  • queer birthing people

  • navigating medical / birth trauma

  • hospital birth

  • homebirth

  • homebirth transfers

  • cesarean birth

  • inductions

  • ivf pregnancies

  • unmedicated birth

  • water birth

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